1) Double check that the hip rails are not folded backwards:

  • To double check the hip rails are not twisted, look at your robot, and ensure the hip rails’ grey side (with the letters) is facing inward while the black side is facing outward. The letters the end of each rail should match the letters on the shoulders: 
  • If you discover the hip rails are backwards, no worries! We just have to go back and switch them around. Disassemble the robot, until you can reach the hip rails. Flip the hip rails around so that the letters match. Make sure the grey side is facing inward on each rail. Finish putting your robot together, and you should be good to go!


2) Double check that feet are secure:

  • If you flip your robot on its back, it should have two rivets on each foot. The smooth side of each rivet should brush the ground when your robot walks. If any of the rivets have the pointy side brushing the ground, your robot won’t run so great. Pop the rivets out, and then reinsert them, so that the smooth side faces down.
  • Your robot should not have any ankle flaps loose. If you discover any ankle flaps that aren’t secured with a rivet, go back and reattach them.


If you are certain your chassis is built correctly, but your robot is still only running in circles, please call us at 877-219-8335. Please have your proof of purchase available.

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