If your robot isn’t running well, you can likely get quick resolution at home. Try these options:

  1. Have you successfully connected to the robot? You’ll know your device is connected when the robot’s light changes from red to green.
  2. Is the robot fully charged? When the battery is low, it is normal to see a dip in running performance. Try charging your robot.
  3. Is your robot brand new? When a robot is newly-built, the gears and chassis can be stiff. To solve this, we recommend our version of the “Italian Tune-Up;” run your robot at max speed for a few minutes, and things will start to smooth out.
  4. Are both motors connected to the chassis? The chassis has to be connected to the motor, or it the motor won’t move the robot! Looking under the robot, check to be sure the gear crank (the white circle) is connected to the black tab on the chassis. Make sure both sides are fully attached.5. Has the robot been built correctly? Building mistakes can lead to a poorly running robot. Please check for these common building errors:
    • Double check your robot’s hip rails are correctly placed. When your robot is sitting upright, the entire chassis (the bottom body) should look black. If you see any gray facing outwards, it means something is twisted.
    • Make sure the rivets in the legs are not upside down. Make sure the rivets are placed so that the flat, smooth heads touch the ground. If the pointy stems of the rivets are brushing the ground as the robot runs, it can lead to poor performance. If you discover your rivets are backwards, please take them out, then re-insert them (or new rivets), so the smooth side will be on the ground.
    • Make sure the rivets in the feet are fully connected (i.e., pushed in all the way)
    • Make sure the feet are not folded backwards. (You should see no grey patches around the ankles)



If you have gone through all the above steps and there still seems to be an issue, contact us at 877-219-8335. Please have your proof of purchase available.


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