This is the robot that I never knew I always wanted.

-Jason Jenkins (Editor, RC101)



Lots of other programmable robots can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to be a techie or a coding expert to get your Kamigami up and running.

-Armin Brott (Editor, Mr. Dad Blog)



Kamigami robots are a gateway drug to an engineering degree

-Jerry B. (Youtube’s Barnacules Nerdgasm)



The best part? When after building it she realized: 'I BUILT A ROBOT!'

-mXd, Parent



Thank you so much for inventing this amazing robot. It's very fast and has fun movements. My favorite thing about it everything especially the fact that I got to build it!

Joaquin, 9 Years Old



I've had so much fun building and playing with this with my daughter. Thank you.

Anonymous Parent



What Folks Are Saying about the Original Kamigami

I purchased a Musubi and an Inari for my two children (6 and 8, a boy and a girl) for Christmas 2016. They absolutely love them still – three months later.

-Paco, Parent

“I love you Blaze!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3” 

Happy customer

“I love this! It is even better than expected. It was so fun to build and the programming interface is great!” 

Anonymous Customer

“These bots have been a huge hit at my summer creation and coding camp. A great way to get kids excited about robots and programming.” 

Parker K., Teacher

The one I had was a hit, and it became a great conversation about persistence in problem solving and creative engineering, and the programmable component of the app was great illustration of conditional statements that we had talked about that morning.

Adam C, Teacher

It’s pretty addicting, to be honest.

Ed (Youtube’s TechSource)

They have an incredibly durable construction, for falls and general play use…If you know anybody that is anxious around things that scurry. This could make for very memorable family get togethers. 😉

Adam O., Teacher

I plan to have my daughter help teach the ‘coding’ part. She’s in 3rd grade now and has been having a blast playing with her ladybug.

Helen G., Parent

I received mine, built it and it is wonderful. Fantastic robot kit with easy pairing to Bluetooth. Five stars!” 

Kickstarter Backer

“First let me say my 10 yr old is completely taken with kamigami. Love at first site. He basically dragged me out of makerfaire to get home and make it. At home he did it all by himself – literally I wasn’t there. I went out and did errands – when I got home it was done. So congrats just on that alone – cracking the code on something a 10 year [old] can make independently is a considerable achievement. :)”


Maker Faire Customer

We got Musubi in the mail today!  Thank you so much.  He works perfectly!  My daughter is very excited to have him in our household.  And I really appreciate all the care and attentive customer service!

Jen H., Parent

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