Testimonials | Kamigami Robots


Over 1000 people have had the chance to try the “Beta” version of our product.

Here’s what people are saying about our Robots:

“It is alive and running! What a perfect daughter / father project!” – Ari J.

“I just received my beta dash and put it together easily in about an hour as you promised. It is great!” – Mark P.

“I am an original Kickstarter and received my kit this weekend. It is AWESOME! Thank you for making it a reality.” – Peter S.

“My daughter (9yrs old) and I had a great time assembling our dash robotics kit. It was very intuitive and reasonably easy to complete. Thanks for making it a cinch…… Very ingenious. It is a little engineering marvel” – Todd W.

“It was fun to put together, and I cannot wait to get it connected and start driving it around!” – Sean P.

“I love the Dash….it’s made my slow days in the office much more fun.” – Jason M.

“My sons and I have enjoyed the Dash robot we assembled. We are very pleased with the ease of assembly and operations.” – John J.

“Having lots of fun so far … Great assembly and effortless setup” – Jason E.

“My son finally received Dash and he was soooo excited! We built the dash and have been having fun playing with Mr. Robot, as named by my son.” – Shanaz N.

“Just got my Dash robot and have assembled it and off and running. Good job guys. I am also an engineer and would like to know what RGB led’s you use? They look great.” – Jayson

“Really impressive and fun” – Robert M.

“The assembly was very easy and the procedures were well written.” – Louis T.

“My son received his beta kit less than an hour ago… Driving the dogs crazy” – Pete M.

“I wanted to post a followup. We received our robot and my 5 year old daughter loved building it and playing with it. The build process was really easy and my daughter was able to complete with a little guidance from me. Excellent product.” – Doug

“Just wanted to show you my completed bot [picture included]! It took me about 30min to put together and works great. I’ve had it running all over my apartment, with the eyes on of course. I’ve been super impressed with it, thanks for getting one of the first ones out to me!” – Brett S.

[After seeing it in person] “Wow, that’s much more impressive than the video, and I thought that was great.” – Michael S.

“I took my students through the DashBot class yesterday. They got it. Our goal for that session was simply to slow the darned thing down, as it runs crazy fast […] Boom, one line change. They felt like gods when the change worked the first time.” – Bob K.

“It is weird to buy an old iPhone just for this robot, but I do like the robot quite a bit.” – Michael S., who bought an iPhone 4S off eBay just to run the robot!