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About Us

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Our Story

We are a team of product focused, hardcore technologists. We came to the world of toys through research at Berkeley, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon. Combined we have over five decades of experience building robots, toys, and robotic toys. Our mission is to build the backbone of connected toy technology.

Nick Kohut
Co-Founder, CEO

Nick is a former robotics postdoc at Stanford and received his PhD in Control Systems from UC Berkeley. At Dash Robotics, Nick handles team-building and project management.

Andrew Gillies
Chief Mechanical Engineer

Andrew received his PhD at UC Berkeley, and is an expert in materials composites, and mechanical design. At Dash Robotics, Andrew handles mechanical engineering, manufacturing and product development, and is charged with advancing company technology.

Dwight Springthorpe
Hardware Engineering

At Dash Robotics, Dwight leads hardware development, as well as manufacturing and logistics. Dwight graduated from UC Berkeley with his PhD in integrative biology.

Adam Overholtzer
Software Product Lead

At Dash Robotics, Adam leads all software development, with a focus on user interaction and product experience.

Diana Helmuth

Diana is a communications buff who has worked in various start-ups and non-profits in San Francisco and internationally. At Dash, she helps with business development, community management, and cultivating great customer experience. She graduated from UC Berkeley in Anthropology.