Meet Kamigami,

The Robot that Moves Like a Real Animal

Kamigami Robots

Robots with Attitude

You’ve never had this much fun driving a robot before. Inspired by nature’s fastest animals, Kamigami robots can run up to five feet per second!

How Do They Work?

Build Your Robot

Kamigami blend principles of Paper Origami and Robotics Engineering to create an entirely original DIY project. Perfect for ages 8+

Download the App

The Kamigami Robots App is Free, Available on Google Play and the App Store. Download the App, and Watch your Home-Built Robot Spring to Life!

Create Your Games!

Teach your Kamigami new tricks, behaviors and games. Our unique app interface blends programming with gaming for an entertaining introduction to robotics.

The Build-It-Yourself Robot

Everything you need is in the kit! No extra tools or batteries required.

App-Enabled Robotics

With software that changes over time, they’ll never run out of new ways to play. Our free app allows them to create behaviors, learn the basics of programming and even play interactive games!

Become a Robot Engineer

Inspire a future scientist with the interactive STEM toy they won’t be able to put down

Kamigami Robot Kit

Sold Out!

Kamigami is getting ready for a national release, Fall 2017

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